David stern thinks legalized NBA betting could be beneficial

12/11/09 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

David Stern may officially be the biggest hypocrite ever. Seriously. Just listen to this.

When Tim Donaghy came out and said he was responsible for fixing NBA games, David Stern called him a "rogue" and trashed him. Two years later, and two years of increased NBA ratings thanks to the Donaghy scandal, Stern is suddenly a bit more open to gambling and betting.

This week for the first time Stern referred to nationally legalized gambling on the NBA as a "possibility" that "may be a huge opportunity."

God that's rich. So you're totally opposed to gambling......until it gives you much better ratings and makes you money. But hey, I'd love for their to be nationally legalized NBA gambling, I just wish it wasn't a slimy hypocritical greaseball like Stern who might play a huge role in making it happen.
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