Davidson-Wisconsin: NCAA Sweet 16 Predictions

3/28/08 in NCAABB   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

One aspect of tonight's Sweet 16 showdown should frighten Wisconsin far more than Stephen Curry's locked in shot: Gus Johnson has yet to call and upset.

Michael Flowers can play all the defense he wants, but Gus Johnson added to Curry = upset fuel. This should be fun.

There's also the added bonus that Davidson will have 275 of their drunkest friends in attendance. 275 drunk college students > Umpteen thousand Badger alums. Believe it.

Much is being made of Flowers defense and he's shut down some very solid players, drawing a great deal of praise when he limited Drew Neitzel to just three points on 1-9 shooting. As much as I love Drew, Curry is much more difficult to defend as he can create shot on his own off the dribble. And as great a defender as Flowers has been, he's not impenetrable. Neitzel did score 26 last time out and Dominic James led Marquette to a win over the Badgers with 20. I'm sticking with Curry in this matchup.

Are you frightened by where I'm headed? Me too.

Davidson's ability to battle with Brian Butch and Joe Krabbenhoft down low remains a huge question mark. We can probably ass
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