Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has decided to leave Denver Broncos

1/18/10 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Jay Glazer, who's the anti-Chris Mortensen (meaning he always gets stories right), is reporting that Broncos defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and Josh McDaniels have decided to part ways. And it's not McDaniels who's leaving Denver.

Yep, it's Nolan, who made the Broncos one of the more feared defenses in the league this past year.

So this now means that McDaniels has forced out Jay Cutler (may or may not have been a good decision), he's on the verge of getting Brandon Marshall forced out of town (I think this is a mistake) and he forced Mike Nolan out too (HUGE mistake). Do I know McDaniels forced Nolan out? No, but I do know that about a half hour after this news broke, Nolan already had an interview lined up with the Dolphins, so I'm guessing something triggered his decision to leave town. I mean, why would you leave a defense that you turned into a force for the same job with another team at the drop of a hat?

Anyway, this is starting to get ridiculous. If the Broncos suddenly go 10-6 next season, I'll back off on criticisms of McDaniels, but by all accounts right now, it really seems like he's single-handedly killing this team.
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