Did Gary Pinkel screw over the Big XII?

12/5/11 in NCAAF   |   Scott   |   54648 respect

At the moment, Missouri is a member of the Big 12. Next year however, Missouri will be a member of the SEC.  It's no secret that the Tigers aren't in good standing with the Big 12 and it showed this bowl season when the Tigers were passed over by every Big 12 affiliated bowl and fell to the Independence Bowl.

How did Pinkel punish his old league for making him spend Christmas in Shreveport?

Not only did he vote Alabama second, Pinkel also voted Oklahoma State fourth behind Stanford.

Five coaches ranked the Cardinal 3rd behind Bama, yet Pinkel was the only Big 12 coach to do so.  Is this Pinkel's parting shot to the conference that for years has done Missouri no favors?
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