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Does Jimmie Johnson's dominance make Nascar boring? Rick Hendrick says no,

11/16/09 in NASCAR   |   BigTone2475   |   326 respect

Although the sour U.S. economy might be the main culprit behind a slip in NASCAR's fortunes, some observers also have suggested that Jimmie Johnson's dominance over the last four years has made the racing too boring and partially accounts for a drop in NASCAR's television ratings.

Not so, said his team owner, Rick Hendrick.

I would like to agree with "Slick Rick" on this but after hearing from fellow Nascar fans I have to disagree with him. I do believe that the economy and maybe the COT car might have some role in it but it seems people are tired of seeing Jimmie win.

I for one love it but then again I am Jimmie fan,but I have to say I don't understand it. To me the chance to watch history being made in sports weather you like the guy or not is worth watching. I never liked Dale SR but I respected the man and his accomplishments and was cheering like hell win he won the 500. I hated Jeff Gordon and could not stand to watch him win but I still watched every week hoping someone would beat him.

To all my fellow Nascar fans and you Jimmie haters it will be ok he can't keep winning right, or can he.

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