Don't get complacent Man U...ooops! Too late!!

11/26/07 in Soccer   |   chelseausa   |   respect

Ok, I'm a little mad at Sir Alex and his side right now.  The last thing I want is for Arsenal to run away with the title and while I don't want Man U to win it either, I would prefer some kind of close competition and not a winner who was decided by January.  My hopes were not completly smashed, but the were bruised this Saturday when Man U dropped three points to woeful Bolton...yes, the same team that had managed only 8 points prior to that game.   One could argue that Man U was hurt by the absence of Rooney, Vidic and Ronaldo.  But the side was still able to play Hargreaves, Nani, Giggs and Tevez - surely enough talent to at least draw the match.  Somehow Man U managed to get 15 shots - 3 on, but could not find the back of the net.  While the season is still relatively young, Arsenal seems unbeatable and three points at any point in the season is huge.  I'm sure Sir Alex was not pleased at all with this outcome.

Did anyone predict a Chelsea over Derby blow out?  I hope not!  Even though the match was a 2-0 victory for the Blues, the play never reached any kind of peak or interest.  Chelsea almost looked bored as they watched 90 minutes pass by, scoring when they felt the need to push an attack.  For the most part, they seemed disinterested in any kind of solid attack.  This week, Derby moves on to...well,  who really cares.  Chelsea, however, move on to West Ham - which should see them add another three points.  Should, I say because Essien is suspended on a harsh - straight to red card for slapping a player during play.  Add to that Caravlho's and Cech's absence and you can see that the problems might be adding up again.  This week will be interesting.  I think West Ham has the juice to take the match, it's just a matter of which Chelsea team shows up.


How happy is Sunderland that they get to play Derby this week?  Well, after the 7-1 ass-whooping they took at the hands of Everton, I'll guess VERY!  Everton blasted Sunderland with 27 shots, 19 on goal.  I don't even get that many shots playing FIFA on my Wii!  Roy Keane must be pulling out his hair right now.  After Sunderland's Cinderella like rise last year, Sunderland have been brought back to a harsh reality and reminded that there are other big boys playing football right now.    Sunderland now find themselves in the relegation zone, albeit tied with Middlesbrough.  I'm sure Keane will be pushing his men towards a three point victory in an effort to clear themselves, if only for a little while.

Love him, hate him...who knows...But he seems to have taken over the mantle of Ass of the league.  Rafa Benitez seems to have many fingers on his managerial hands, fingers that he loves to point at everyone but himself.  "Get me more players!"  He says, but is now saying he needs even more players.  "This schedule is too harsh!"  He complains while other teams are playing the exact same schedule with better results.  And now, with Rafa eyeing the next transfer window, the owners have told him to pay more attention to the now and not the future.  The rift seems to be growing between owners and manager as Rafa now believes the owners priorities have changed since, well, who knows?  Is this this the beginning of the end for Rafa?  Let's hope so.

Speaking of Managers, can we agree that no one recently has failed as much as Steve Mclaren?  This poor sod had so much talent at his fingertips yet somehow still managed to fail to qualify for the Euro's.  With his recent sacking, speculation as to who will be his replacement is rampant.  My guess - or hope - Jose!!!



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