Duke Blue Devils against Butler Bulldogs

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I'm not much of a College Basketball fan, until it comes time for the Championships, but mostly because very few of he games are broadcast here.  However, I did watch both of the semi-final games yesterday, and just like last year, if I had the broadcasts, I would likely become a fan.

In the first game, the Butler Bulldogs took on the Michigan State Spartans.  Unfortunately for Michigan State, they could not get the shots in the net, while Butler did.  The look on the faces of the Coach and players when Butler pulled out the win was definitely something to see.

The second game was a little more predictable, with the Blue Devils taking on the West Viriginia Mountaineers.  Da'Sean Butler suffered a knee injury with slightly less than 9 minutes left in the second half and although Duke had led throughout the game, the Mountaineers had remained within site of them.  That is, until the injury.  Da'Sean seemed to know immediately that his game was done, and Coach Bob Huggins stayed with him on the court for a few minutes as Butler cried.  Butler did not return to the game,  and the Mountaineers never played the kind of game they had in the first half. 

Monday's matchup of the Blue Devils and the Bulldogs will definitely have the Blue Devils as the favorites, but everyone who knows this sport better than I says don't count the Bulldogs out just yet.  They have 25 wins in a row, counting this last one against Michigan State, and they expected to be here.  Now that they are, they won't be a pushover.

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