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Eric Shanteau comes back from testicular cancer to help USA medley relay team to victory

8/3/09 in Olympics, Summer   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Of course the main story is Michael Phelps with his many gold medals, his pot smoking shame and his "ladies", however, when it came time to perform in the pool, Michael did so and the US team triumphed in the 400 meter medley

Part of that team in Eric Shanteau and he, not Phelps, is the feel good story of the weekend.

Eric competed in the Beijing Olympics, after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.  He put off treatment so he could compete and while he didn't shine, not making it to the final, he went public with his illness.  He was an inspiration to athletes everywhere. 

Now he is back, competing again after treatment of the cancer, and it seems he has something to prove.  His times are faster and he has already made one trip to the podium.

Eric, I have a feeling it is only the first of many.
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