Ernie Banks wants to help Sosa come clean

1/26/10 in MLB

"Mr. Cub" Earnie Banks turns 79 on Sunday and he wants to help Sammy Sosa, if the former Cubs slugger wants to address allegations that he used steroids, the Chicago Tribune reports.

"If he wanted to do that, knowing that people were leaning toward thinking he was involved with steroids, I would say just what Mark McGwire did," Banks told the Tribune. "You know, come clean with it. Explain it to them. You know he will have fans in the Dominican. Just say: 'This is what happened.'

"Just admit it and live with it and understand it. I am sure a lot of people will forgive him."

The New York Times reported that Sosa failed the 2003 "survey" test by MLB. And Banks wants to have a Cub-to-Cub talk with Sosa.

"That's what my lifelong dream is," Banks said. "Just to sit down with him and listen to him. ... I know he has advisers around him and all that. But with all my experience and (over) 50 years with this team and in this city … I will just explain it to him and how the people are … people are for you; they want to see you do well. They are forgiving people. We haven't won in over 100 years, so this audience here is pretty special."

Banks also said he wants Sosa to be embraced by the new Cubs owners and invited back to throw out the first pitch and sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game."

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