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FEMA - Coffins, Prison Camps, and Martial Law

3/22/12 in Locker Room   |   Tiger_Pride2   |   3287 respect

2 out of 10 aren't going to believe it. But why not when the proof is right there to be seen?

It's not about's about freedom. Freedom is not tapping into the world's communication system, and treating American's like terrorists. You are only as free as they'll allow you to be, and that's not as free as they lead you to believe.

We have been at war, killing our soldiers, costing the country money we can't afford, and none of that has to do with combating terrorists. (The Bible warns us to be ready when the war is in Holy Land.) The war is the beginning of New World Order taking over. If you think they need all these people in an overpopulated world to get the what they need, then you are not seeing this clearly.

The NWO is not a conspiracy. It's very real and they don't care whether you know it or ignore it. Think about it - All the signs are there, but you ignore them because it seems too obvious.

This is not a conspiracy. I'm not asking you to believe Elvis might still be alive, or that there was a 2nd gunman on the knoll in Dallas. This would be mainstream news if they were allowed to tell it. The government lies to us, but that's not what its about. Hopefully you knew they weren't being honest. It's the valuable information that they withhold that effects us most. They're not going to tell you why we've really been at war, and it's not because they don't know. It's because they don't want us to know.

It was said (by Karl Rove) during the Regan administration that we needed another Pearl Harbor. The blueprint was there and on Sept. 11, 2001 the plan was carried out. We were hit by terrorists...the biggest terrorist of them all George W. Bush.

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