Fans support Nittany Lions with feel good rally at Penn State

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDespite the uncertainty surrounding Penn State’s football program in wake of the NCAA’s sanctions imposed in response to the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, most loyal fans and locals will still rally for Penn State through a tough four years. The Penn State Nittany Lions will miss the spotlight due to the exclusion from the bowl and championship.
A number of existing Nittany Lions players have already recommitted to Penn State and have vowed to overcome all adversity by sticking with the football program that once produced the nation’s top NFL prospects. Six 2013 class recruits have re-committed to the program as well over the weekend.
However, there have been causalities in this display of loyalty. Two Class of 2013 recruit have already dropped out of the Penn State program while a few Nittany Lions players have already transferred and the nation’s top tailback prospect and Nittany Lions player Silas Redd appears to be in the process of transferring. Starting quarterback Rob Bolden has parted with the team although he was given the go signal on 23rd June. Safety Tim Buckley is transferring to North Carolina and Penn State coach believes a few other Nittany Lions players will also follow the transfer trend.
The die-hard Nittany Lions fans and a pep band tried to motivate the Penn State players by showing up in mass numbers, with over 1,000 individuals , at the Nittany Lions’ practice. The gathered crowd warmly welcomed and cheered for the courageous Nittany Lions players. The fans held placards with inspirational quotes from famous people to buck up the Penn State athletes. 
The rally was organized by two former Penn State alumni and Nittany Lions players who were rooting for the athletes who believed in themselves to pull through all testing times.
"What these guys have had to endure and overcome, nobody has ever been faced before in college football," observed Tim Sweeney, who is now a businessman with his own radio broadcast show.
Nittany Lions guard Josh Urshel was amazed by the number of people who showed up to show their support for Penn State football athletes, even though Tuesday’s workout wasn’t mandatory.
"I haven't seen anything like this. It's unreal," said Josh Urshel.
As soon as the players arrived at the Penn State practice facility, groups of fans started walking to the practice field to shout out their support for the Nittany Lions. Local businesses provided the crowd with refreshments such as doughnuts and hot beverages.
Businesses are supporting their local college team with "Proud to Support Penn State Football" posters in windows and some stores are even marketing a "Billeave" in Nittany Lions coach Bill O’ Brien’s name. Redd Silas fans are trying to lure him back with a “StaySilas” twitter hashtag.
As soon as the transfers and finalization of new recruits, the better for the Nittany Lions who begin training camp within a week.
But Tim Sweeney believes the Nittany Lions have enough talent to make it without Redd Silas.
“I would not discount Coach O'Brien's ability to make an offense and put points on the board," stated Tim Sweeney.
Other members of the Penn State Nittany Lions alumina also intend to speak with the team and provide them with some advice to overcome these tough times.
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