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Florida Gators defensive end Carlos Dunlap was arrested for DUI

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One of the Florida Gators' best defensive players is in jeopardy of missing the SEC Championship against Alabama, after a DUI arrest early this morning. Defensive end Carlos Dunlap picked a pretty bad time to get arrested.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
According to reports, Gainesville police officer Robert Rogers came upon Dunlap’s Chrysler stopped at an intersection at 3:25 a.m. The officer found Dunlap  asleep in the  car with the engine running and in gear. Rogers reported he tried to rouse the driver.

“The front windows of the defendant’s vehicle were cracked slightly and officers on the scene were unable to wake the defendant,” according to the police report. “Loud repetitive commands were given to the defendant who would only open his eyes momentarily and nod back off.”

Rogers wrote he reached through the window to unlock the door and then put the car in park and turned off the engine.

The police report noted officers smelled alcohol. They also said Dunlap’s eyes were watery and bloodshot, he couldn’t maintain his balance and he did not do well on a field sobriety test.

This definitely looks bad for Dunlap, and it will be interesting to see how Urban Meyer handles it. The timing couldn't possibly be worse for Dunlap, since this game is basically a national championship semi-final. If Florida wins, it might have to be without Dunlap.

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