Floyd Landis finally comes clean about doping

5/20/10 in Cycling   |   Scott   |   54599 respect

According to the Wall Street Journal, Floyd Landis has finally admitted to doping after publically denying it since being banned from cycling for 2 years.  Landis reportedly has sent numerous emails to officials and sponsors detailing his use, along with fingering other American cyclists, including Lance Armstrong.  While Armstrong has been accused in the past, he's never tested positive and as a result hasnt been sanctioned by the sports governing body.  Landis on the other hand has had a couple of positive tests and as a result, was stripped of his 2006 Tour De France win and banned from the sport.  Landis had publically denied the positive tests and gone to court many times trying to get them over turned.

Personally, i think Landis continues to be a coward about the whole situation.  I have zero respect for someone who wont admit to there failures and then when they do, they decide to blame everybody else and take other people down with them. 
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