Floyd Mayweather the one using banned substances?

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Mayweather's brittle hands in action (AP Photo)

It has come to light today that Floyd Mayweather has used injectable pain killers such as Xylocaine in the past before fights.  The irony being that this drug is illegal in nearly all states, with one notable exception, Nevada.

Perhaps the reason for Golden Boy and Mayweather not wanting to fight in Texas now becomes clear. Obviously if tested there, particularly with the extensive testing he was asking for, Mayweather would test positive for a banned substance. In Nevada, these drugs are legal, and presumably can be used for athletic competition without any legal or financial recourse.

After all the negotiating trouble and accusations about Manny Pacquiao and his supposed steroid use, it appears Mayweather is the one taking widely banned substances.

The reason for Floyd using these drugs is presumably due to the fact that his hands are rather brittle, and he has broken both several times in the past. With a numbing agent to stop his hands hurting he can throw punches more often and without fear of hurting himself as much.

Another question this throws up is whether these drugs are illegal in Olympic style testing. Presumably they will be detected in some form, although whether they are illegal or not surely rests with the Nevada State Athletic Commission rather than anything else. They are the ones after all who make up the lists of what is and isn't allowed in athletic competition in the state. Olympic standards are different to these slightly, although anything extra testing found would surely be inadmissible against Floyd if the NSAC allowed it.

If nothing else, this news breaking again will further damage the already shaky reputation of Mayweather, who has seen his public opinion fall greatly with the drug testing debacle around his possible fight with Manny Pacquiao. whatever Floyd was trying to do there, and surely now it can't have been that he really wanted the testing initially, it has now backfired severely.

Full details about the use of the drug can be found in an old article on Insider Boxing, dredged up from the depths by a Paclander by the name of Maverick65. Now obviously this article is old and was written by someone who doesn't like Mayweather very much by the sounds of it. However if the information is correct then mayweather is probably still doing the same things as he was back then. Brittle hands don't ever get tougher

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