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From fantasy to nightmare: one man's story about being fired for fantasy football.

12/17/09 in Fantasy Sports   |   guylake   |   321 respect

Yesterday, HolyRollin scooped the link to the story of three employees of Fidelity being fired for playing fantasy football. Today, courtesy of Tom Herrera of FanHouse, we bring you the inside story of Cameron Pettigrew, one of the three guys who got fired.  It's a good read if you you get fired up about corporate ethics and unfairness.

The most appalling part of the story in my opinion is that fact that Pettigrew, who is now effectively black-balled as a gambler in his industry, never played fantasy sports before being hired by Fidelity. Furthermore, he was introduced to the game by a manager. One would think a manager would be aware of the rules on fantasy sports. I am pretty sure the manager in question was not fired. Funny how that works.
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