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Georgian athlete dies after crash during Luge practice in Vancouver

2/12/10 in Olympics, Summer   |   bwfc2good4u   |   327 respect

Now I'm no expert on the winter olympics, but from what I've heard this track is the fastest in the world and in the opinion of the athletes,dangerously so. They were clearly right as a few minutes ago a Georgian luger went flying into a concrete post .

The dangerous thing though is that the crash didn't happen on the most dangerous corner. Turn 13 is known as 50/50 as those are the chances of getting through the corner without crashing. Also the test runs have been a little controvercial with the Canadian athletes taking 400 test runs and the other athletes only taking 40 runs. Although this obviously will not cancel the event it does raise some serious questions over the athletes safety and may mar the opening ceremony later on today
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