Gilbert Arenas will not fight suspension, in fact, it helps him greatly

1/28/10 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

You may think Gilbert Arenas is an idiot for bringing guns into the Verizon Center and what not. He is, in regards to doing that, but overall, he's not so dumb. Or at least his handlers aren't dumb.

Most people thought when Arenas was suspended for the remainder of the season, it meant his contract would eventually be voided, but not so fast my friends. When Arenas met with Stern, Arenas actually told Stern he would take the suspension and would not let the players union challenge the decision.

Why is this important? Well, there's a rule in the NBA that the league cannot punish a player for the same offense twice (much like in the legal world). So if Arenas gets suspended for the remainder of the season.....the Wizards will have a hell of a time trying to void his contract, because doing so would seemingly violate league rules. It'd be extra punishment, in other words.

That doesn't mean the team won't try, especially if Arenas ends up in jail and in any scenario it will almost certainly go to arbitration. But by taking the maximum penalty from the NBA, Arenas is actually protecting the remaining $80 million owed to him in his contract. Which is a seriously smart move.
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