Good to Know Jobs, Wars and Health Care Aren't The Only on His Mind

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In the interest of full disclosure, when my roommate was Will D. Burns, he was on the staff of then State Senator Barack Obama of the 13th District.  When State Senator Obama challenged the incumbent Bobby Rush for the 1st Congressional District seat I was a very, very, very low-level member of the Obama 2000 campaign staff.

I got to know the candidate, not very well, but a bit.  His love for his family is real, his wife is no joke!  She commands respect and gets it.  He is brilliant, intellectually voracious, curious, at times aloof and can be arrogant, like any successful person he is ambitious and driven.  And yes he is a real sports fan, no P.R invention there.  Basketball is his favorite, baseball 2nd, football 3rd, he is pretty knowledgeable about all three and an above average basketball player.  Had he concentrated on the game he could have been 6th or 7th of the bench on a top level D-II program.

He takes his brackets reasonably seriously and always has, it both humanizes him and makes you wonder where he finds the time.     
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