Gut Feeling: Tigers vs. Sox, Who Will Win?

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Blog Photo - Gut Feeling: Tigers vs. Sox, Who Will Win?
Which AL powerhouse will prevail?
(hint: it'll be the slightly overweight one)

Gut Feeling is a completely unsolicited, unfounded, and downright irresponsible breakdown of some of the hot, hot, hot sports debates of the day. The following analysis is intended to stimulate thought, disregard as many "statistics" and "facts" as possible, and leave the reader more emotionally confused on the subject than they began. Today we're looking at the Red Sox versus the Tigers.

The Case for the Red Sox

1. After winning the more dramatic games 2 and 3, the Red Sox have the coveted emotional advantage in the series. Ever seen 25 bearded men weep? Stay tuned.

2. Good luck finding a cop to serve as an inspirational figure, Detroit. All their cops are either too busy fighting crime or have forsaken the city long ago. 

3. Justin Pedroia plays harder than the entire Tigers roster combined. Also, Mrs. Pedroia is bringing orange slices for Game 6.

4. The Red Sox have the distinct advantage of having a bullpen full of Japanese pitchers whose names nobody's learned to pronounce yet. 

5. The Red Sox have already been through it all, such as when they were trapped in a Chilean mine for 3 weeks this past August.

The Case for the Tigers

1. The City of Detroit has put all of it's energy into this team. 

2. Aside from all the dramatic home runs that  Red Sox fans will tell their grandchildren of years from now, the Tigers totally have the edge in this series.

3. Was it Jim Leyland's lineup changes that sparked the offensive outburst in Game 4, or just the fact that they were facing Jake Peavy? Either way, Jim Leyland is the last true American hero and here's to him.

4. John Lackey has already pitched the best game of his life. He can only go South from there.

5. After missing Ortiz's grand slam by inches, Torii Hunter wants to rob a home run in Fenway more than anybody has ever wanted to do anything. 

The verdict: The Red Sox will win in 7 because they are a weathered NHL team disguised as a talented MLB team. 

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