Hendrick says getting Jr back on track is HMS's top priority!

11/24/09 in NASCAR   |   BigTone2475   |   326 respect

Now that Jimmie Johnson has completed his quest for 4 in a row Rick Hendrick says the focus now is on getting Dale Earnhardt Jr's team back on track. 

"We're all over it, and we've been all over it," Hendrick said Tuesday in a conference call. "It's my primary focus here, starting Monday."

"We've had failures, we've had wrecks. If it could happen, it happened to that team. It's just been really frustrating."

This has been one of if not the most disappointing season for Jr and his fans. While watching the 48 win it's 4th in a row and with the reemergence of Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon the 88 team has taken a step backwards. A mid-season crew chief change showed some early signs of life but in the end Jr and the 88 have some real problems to overcome before Daytona.

There is no doubt in my mind that Hendrick and Jr can get the ship righted but it wont be easy,but if the 50 year old Mark Martin can come back from the dead the so can Jr.

Good luck to the 88 team can't wait t see you back in the winners circle where you belong.

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