How to beat Fedor. Top MMA trainers weigh in.

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Is there any way to beat Fedor Emelianenko? This is the challenge posed not just to those who are ballsy enough to step into the ring with him but to the men who train them. MMA trainers share their advice for Brett Rogers, who faces Fedor this Saturday on CBS.

Here are some of the highlights from the article:

Step 1: Don't pee down your leg as soon as you step into the ring:
"A lot of it is his mental approach and stability in that area,” DellaGrotte said. “When you fight Fedor, you have to deal with the presence he has in the ring and, let’s be honest, people worry about that before they even get in there. You have to convince your guy that (Fedor) is human and it’s just a matter of time before he loses and that you’ll be the one to do it."

Step 2: Find a weakness (and don't worry that no one else has):
“In my opinion, from observing him, his weakness is his standup,” Mendez said. “He’s very, very effective in how he does it, but on a technical level, you can definitely outstrike Fedor."

Step 3: Don't forget Step 1, especially if your wife or girlfriend are watching. That would be really embarrassing.

If you can't follow steps 1 through 3, you might consider drugging Fedor's ice cream...and bringing a change of shorts.
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