I love New York: Reading Lebron's new shoes.

12/31/09 in NBA   |   guylake   |   321 respect

Much has been made of Lebron's love of New York. Both the Knicks and the Nets have dumped payroll to bring him to their respective teams. I would say the Knicks have the inside edge. Advantage number 1:  They play in the middle of Manhattan at Madison Square Garden, arguably the greatest court in the NBA, and not in the Izod Center, arguably one of the crappiest sports arenas in the history of crappy arenas, which sits in the middle of a swamp. Sure, the Nets might be moving to Newark next season and eventually on to Brooklyn but  no matter how hard you squint, or drink, or drink and squint, neither will ever be Manhattan.

One has to ask, how bad is East Rutherford when Newark is considered an upgrade?

You know what? We really don't need an advantage number 2. But here it is anyway. Lebron's new shoes are decked out in the Knicks colors. Yep, they are the exact shade of Knicks blue with orange piping. If that wasn't hint enough of Lebron's affections, there is an I "Love" NY logo on the heel of the sole. So, Lebron, what are you thinking for 2010?
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