I.P. Freeley approves: Cubs will keep troughs despite bathroom renovations at Wrigley.

12/10/09 in MLB   |   guylake   |   321 respect

One of the great perks of being a guy at Wrigley Field is visiting the men's room and braving the stainless steel urinal troughs. The closeness. The camaraderie. The rubbing elbows with the guy next to you. The smell.

When word went out that the Cubs were renovating their bathrooms, many fans were concerned. Would the Cubs, under new ownership, update the receptacles to something more 21st century? Would this mean their privates would no longer be so public? How could fans talk about next year or the next beer separated from one another? To remove the trough would be an affront to tradition for a fan-base that is traditionally drunk and needs piss at least four times per nine innings.

Fear not, Cubs fans. While  Wrigley will be updating the bathrooms, it will  keep the troughs. Congratulations, you can continue to disgust one another and all visiting fans for the foreseeable future.
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