In light of the Gilbert Arenas fiasco, the New Jersey Nets have banned gambling on team plane. Umm, I think they may have missed the point.

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One of the leading stories/causes to the Gilbert Arenas incident was because of an apparent gambling debt between Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton. The New Jersey Nets, arguably the worst franchise in the game currently, have chosen to squash any "What if's" and banned gambling on the team plane completely.

Team president Rod Thorn told the New York Times that the Nets have never had a problem with gambling, but "obviously, you can see what can happen."

Obviously, Mr. Thorn has missed the boat on this one just a bit. Gambling was not the cause of this Arenas/Crittenton situation, stupidity was.

To take a quote from Mark Kreidler of ESPN: "A pro athlete who gambles -- on cards, games, chance, whatever -- is a definition, not an oxymoron."

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan certainly do not approve.
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