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Is Fan IQ now a DATING site? What do you use this site for? Dating or Sport talk? or ??

12/9/09 in Locker Room   |   GOT2BSASSY   |   21 respect

I thought this site was for  talking sports, talking trash to other people for their teams, and meeting friendly people who love sport talk.  Was I mistaken?  I do not have a problem talking or meeting people, however, I am gettin far tooooo many RESUMES on guys, and each time I respond and say I am only here to talk sports and not looking for a date.  Each time I receive a longer ....longer.......much longer email telling me about their life and they are looking for a wife.........and such non-sense...
Am I on the wrong site to talk trash and sports?
I had to take my pic away because of the things guys were saying and their thinking pattern as to what they could do with me....huh...
Do any of you get the same crap and if so How do you feel about it?
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