Is Mike Shanahan making an example out of Albert Haynesworth?

7/30/10 in NFL   |   Scott   |   54592 respect

Albert Haynesworth skipped all of the offseason conditioning program for the Washington Redskins and new head coach Mike Shanahan is making sure Haynesworth makes up for it.  Shanahan is making Haynesworth run two 300 yard shuttle runs with each one being timed.  If Haynesworth doesnt run it in less then 71 seconds, he fails.  For two straight days, Haynesworth has failed the test and as of now, is not allowed to step foot on the practice team with his teammates.  Shanahan says Haynesworth is out of shape.  Haynesworth's teammates say Shanahan is making an example out of his star player and that few people could actually pass the test.

My take... you betcha Shanahan is making an example of Haynesworth.  Shanahan is a no nonsense kinda guy and he wont take guys not pulling there weight.

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