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It Happened After Midnight.....

11/3/11 in Locker Room   |   NorseHeathen   |   9491 respect

Police confront Oakland protesters with tear gas

Take a look through history.  How has any significant changes been made in the progression of the United states as a country?  How long did slavery last until a war manifested the realization that slavery was to be terminated?  How long was it before indentured servitude to "company stores" was banned?  Considering my first question, how long did it take for civil rights to become a constitutionally established protection
--AND, how much longer has it taken for such to progress from the struggles of that time to actually reflect change? 

Pertaining to the issue of the current occupy movement, there are two quotes from the article I would like to present:

"More than 200 officers, some of them ferried in aboard buses, lined up shoulder to shoulder and donned gas masks, then declared the crowd to be an unlawful assembly and fired volleys of tear gas as protesters turned and ran."


"This was peaceful until you came!"
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