It's Not Like the Texans Need Help Coming Up With Ways to Lose, but Thanks So Much To The NFL Anyway

12/3/09 in NFL   |   HouTxFan   |   5301 respect

RE:  Pass interference call on Reeves 'not a good call' 
NFL Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira said the pass interference call on Jacques Reeves in the Colts opening drive of the second half Sunday was "not a good call" by the officials.

Dear NFL,
We appreciate the help, what with that call on Jacques Reeves and all, but we felt like we could have pulled that defeat out all on our own.  We're well on our way to perfecting the art of losing when it seems improbable.  In the future, if we feel we need any assistance securing a defeat, like another phantom pass interference call, we'll let you know...ok?

The Houston Texans
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