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It's Time for a 12th Team in the Big Ten

12/11/09 in NCAAF   |   Seth   |   301 respect

Add Barry Alvarez to the list of people pushing for a 12th team for the Big Ten. Count me in that group too. There are many things the Big Ten could do to help bring them back to the top of college football, but this would be a big step. The Big Ten regularly ends their season three weeks before everyone else (two weeks starting next year). A 12th team and a conference championship will help the conference, but what team they add is critical.

Taking into account that there are more sports besides football, level of play, geographic location, recruitment for the league, and yes academics, I ask three questions.

Who should join the league?

Who do you think actually will join the league?

How the heck will they hide a "12" inside of the Big Ten logo?
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