It's getting ugly between Albert Haynesworth and the Washington Redskins

6/16/10 in NFL   |   Scott   |   53888 respect

It's not uncommon for players to skip voluntary workouts when they are unhappy about there current contract status.  It is uncommon though for a player to skip workouts and demand a trade because he doesnt like the new defensive scheme that his team is going to play. 

The Washington Redskins signed Albert Haynesworth to a 7 year, $100 million deal last season and expected him to be a force in the middle of there defense.  After one season, Haynesworth is unhappy that the Redskins and new coaching staff are going to a 3-4 defensive scheme.  With voluntary workouts under way in Washington, Haynesworth had his agent call the team and ask for his client to be traded.

New coach Mike Shanahan, who is a coach that demands alot from his players, told reporters that the Redskins gave Haynesworth til April 1st to find another team, when the player was due a $21 million bonus.  When he couldnt and Haynesworth took the check, Shanahan expected the player to be on the field ready to play. 

A couple of veteran players have called out Haynesworth for being selfish, which isnt uncommon in sports today.  This is the age of when players only are interested in cashing in.  Haynesworth found a suitable partner in Daniel Snyder's checkbook and got paid.  Now that a new regime of coaches is in place though, a regime alot tougher then Jim Zorn, Haynesworth is unhappy with wanting to work as hard as they expect and instead wants to do so with his own training staff.  Albert Haynesworth is the poster child for everything that is wrong with sports athletes.  Albert Haynesworth is the example people give when they want to show that ALL sports athletes are in it solely for the money.  If Haynesworth wants to be traded, he should have to give back the $21 million bonus.  Do you see that happening?
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