It's going to be a long 10 months for Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan Football staff.

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Now, I'm as big a Michigan fan as there is out there, and the past two years have been terrible, of course, but that's nothing compared to the terrible off season that's ahead for Michigan's Head Football coach Rich Rodriguez.

After two years and a 8-16 record, after finishing 3-13 in the Big Ten, and after another disappointing loss to the Buckeyes, Rich Rodriguez is in for a long off season, and that's if the NCAA investigation of improper player work out times is found to be nothing.

The national media is now hard after the Wolverine coach, as displayed in a article by Gregg Doyel of Now, let me state, for the record, that I have always supported Rich Rodriguez, and I always will, regardless of the NCAA investigation, which I believe will turn out to be minor, if anything.

And now, I am going to defend him again. This time, it's the national media after the Michigan coach, and it's getting ridiculous. Everything you read in this report about Rodriguez has him blaming ex-Michigan coach Lloyd Carr for leaving the cupboard bare, and not blaming himself for Michigan's woes, even though coach Rodriguez never says that Carr is at fault.

But, if he did, could you blame him.? Michigan has lacked solid defensive players since the end of the 2006 season. The past two years have been terrible. Michigan had only 71 scholarship players, and 30 of the 2005, and 2006 recruits never played for Michigan, and some even  transferred out of the program.

I think that Michigan could have, and should have, won more than 8 games the past two years, and as a Wolverine fan, I have been terribly disappointed by the play of the Wolverines, especially against teams like Miami, OH, and Toledo, and the Boilermakers, the Illini, and Northwestern.

Michigan has 20 commitments so far as they head into the 2010 recruiting wars, and they will have both the spring game, and the summer practices to coach up the players who will be returning.

I, for one, hope that coach Rodriguez returns, and is allowed to continue to re-build the Michigan program.

Go Blue!
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