Jaimee Grubbs claims she had an affair with Tiger Woods

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Uh, I think we can be pretty sure that whatever discussion Tiger and Elin had before she beat his ass with a nine-iron, it related to Tiger cheating on her. Why? Because after all the talk about Rachel Uchitel (who has denied she had an affair with Tiger), we now have a woman who says, "Yes, I totally had an affair with him."

That woman is Jaimee Grubbs, has come forward to Us Weekly, claiming she had a 31-month affair with Tiger Woods and has a voicemail recording and texts to prove it.

Grubbs claims she met Tiger in Las Vegas in April, 2007. The woman -- a cocktail waitress who was 21 at the time -- began what she says was a long-running affair with Tiger.

Us Weekly says Grubbs had 20 sexual encounters with Tiger, and has photos, racy texts from Tiger, as well as a voicemail from November 24, in which Tiger suggests his wife might be on to the alleged affair.

And just so you know Grubbs totally isn't doing this for money, she recently appeared on VH1's "Tool Academy."

But yeah, the fact that she apparently has texts and a voicemail, that's, um, not good for Tiger.
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