Jamal Lewis says Eric Mangini has worked Browns too hard

11/12/09 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

As anyone who's ever played football knows, you can reach a point where too much practice can actually make you worse. You get tired, you get sloppy, and suddenly you find yourself making mistakes you wouldn't be doing if you hadn't been pushed well past the point of what's reasonable.

Jamal Lewis thinks this is exactly what Eric Mangini has done with the Browns. He's worked them to death. And guess what? Lewis apparently isn't alone. According to Pro Football Talk, many Browns players feel the same way.

Now, you may think the Browns are lazy, but there's probably a lot of truth in what they're saying. If you practice full speed all year long, you're going to run out of gas rather quickly. The NFL season is long and hard, and takes a physical toll on guys. Easing up isn't being lazy, it's pretty much a requirement to survive the season.

Anyway, this is also yet another knock against Mangenius, which you should be used to by now.
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