Jason Whitlock wonders if Tiger Woods's reporteded affair had anything to do with his accident

11/27/09 in Golf   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Ok, now that we know Tiger is fine, and not seriously injured, people are starting to wonder why exactly he was leaving his house in a care at 2:25am on Friday morning.

Again, reports say alcohol wasn't involved, so what was it?

Well, controversial columnist Jason Whitlock went where I think many of us were headed, but were too afraid to write. Did the National Enquirer's report of Woods having an affair cause a fight at his house and cause him to storm out?

The Enquirer released the story on Wednesday, so the timing of all of this is pretty intriguing. Naturally, there are a number of reasons why Woods could have been out at 2:25am, but the mind certainly does wander. And as any married guy knows, you don't generally leave the house at 2:25am under good terms.
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