Jeff Ireland is the frontrunner for insensitive remark of the year

4/27/10 in NFL   |   Scott   |   54671 respect

Last Wednesday, Dez Bryant revealed to a couple of different sources that during one of his pre-draft visits, a NFL executive asked him during an interview whether his mother was a prostitute.  Today, we found out that executive was Jeff Ireland, the general manager of the Miami Dolphins.  Ireland was granted permission to talk to Bryant and apologized for his question, which has raised alot of eyebrows in recent days about just what NFL teams should be allowed to ask when interviewing potential players.

Case in point, Gerald McCoy was asked by a team whether he wore a G-String or a jock-strap when he plays.  Myron Rolle, who bypassed his senior year at Florida State to spend a year at Oxford, was asked how it felt to desert his team.  Finally, Toby Gerhart admitted to yahoo sports that he was asked by a team whether he felt "entitled" since he was a white running back.

While I'm sure some people will justify this type of behavior, I wont be one of them.  If these types of questions were ever asked in any other job place, there'd be lawsuits all over the place for slander.  Say what you will about Dez Bryant but nobody deserves to be treated like that.  In a time where the NFL is reeling from the Ben Roethlisberger debacle, this is another embarrassment for the league to deal with
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