Jenn Sterger's manager says she wont sue if the NFL takes action

12/9/10 in NFL   |   Scott   |   54656 respect

Jenn Sterger's manager was a guest on the Dan Patrick show this morning and had some interesting insight into the Sterger/Favre case.  Phil Reese told Patrick that if the NFL suspended Favre and instituted a sexual harassment program that there would be no further litigation on Sterger's part.  Reese also told the show that Sterger was advised at the time of the events with Favre to not go to the Jets and that if she did, she would probably lose her job.

The link in the article also has a clip from a show Patrick did in early November, where he states that "his sources" told him that the Jets knew about the harassment in 2008 and that they didnt do anything about it.

Whether you believe Sterger is a gold digger or not, there is obviously something that happened between Favre and her because right now, nobody is denying that there were no texts or pics sent.  What Favre did was technically sexual harrassment, so why is the NFL dragging there feet on a punishment?
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