Jeremy Shockey To Play in Super Bowl One Way or Another

1/29/10 in NFL   |   HolyRollin   |   204 respect

Jeremy Shockey is a lot of things, but modest and sane are not two of them. According a report in the USA Today, Shockey told reporters that he's willing to injure himself further in order to play in the Super Bowl, saying that he'll have plenty of time to heal up in the off-season.

According to Shockey, he hasn't been at 100% the last few games, and guarantees that he'll be ready to go in Miami -- where he perfected what sociologists now refer to as The Jeremy Shockey Effect.

It's easy to understand why Shockey would be so adamant about playing in the Super Bowl. His last trip to the big game was spent in the skybox making angry faces while Eli Manning and the Giants celebrated on the field.

To show up his doctors may be a driving force, but this is definitely a case where the man's swagger is willing him to fight the battle that could cost his team (and his career) the war.

King Leonidas would approve -- or put a boot in someone's @ss. It's all the same, really.

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