Jim Caldwell's approval rating is at 40% after Colts loss

12/30/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Despite the Colts having the best record in football, Colts coach Jim Caldwell's approval rating is a lot closer to the bottom of the league than the top. Right now, it's at 40%. Before their loss to the Jets, it was at 80%.

In fairness to Caldwell, it's not necessarily his fault. Team President Bill Polian made it clear that the decision came from much higher than just the head coach.

"16-0 we did not feel was a historic achievement. What was important to us, and what we tried very hard to do on a short week against Jacksonville after we had wrapped up the home-field advantage was to set two records.  One, for the most consecutive regular-season games won.  We were tied with New England prior to that, and we now hold that record ourselves.  And secondly, for the most games won in this decade.  And I don't believe that anybody can catch us now, no matter what happens this week.  We felt those were both extremely historical milestones that were worth going out there and risking everything for."

As Mike Florio points out at PFT, the explanation rings incredibly hollow.

For starters, home field advantage, the consecutive games record and the most wins in the decade were all wrapped up the week before. So why didn't the Colts tank against the Jaguars? They didn't need that win for anything.

Second, the Colts still haven't clinched the OVERALL wins record for the dedcade. When you include the playoffs, the Patriots still have the lead. And let's face it... that's far more impressive. If the Colts ended up going 19-0, and the Patriots lost in week 17 and in the wild card round of the playoffs, the Colts could have gotten the REAL record.

Third, Polian is an idiot for trying to say that the consecutive regular season games record is more impressive than 16-0. Honestly, that's stupid. I can understand someone trying to say that 16-0 isnt't a big deal if you don't win the Super Bowl, but how are 23 consecutive regular season wins more impressive, if you STILL don't win a Super Bowl?

Say what you want, but Polian's missing the mark on this one. Try to justify it, but at least make sense. Polian's just not doing it.
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