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Jimmie Johnson and the 48 team are on the verge of becoming a dynasty but why does no one care.

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Jimmie Johnson and the 48 are two races away from winning their fourth Cup Championship in as many years but no one seems to care. Are people just tired of seeing the same thing every year or is every one rooting for the #5 and the resurgent Mark Martin. Maybe it is the to good to be true squeaky clean image no one likes.

"The thing I hate most," said TMS president Eddie Gossage, "is there seems to be an apathy when there ought to be a celebration."


There doesn't’t seem to be many Jimmie Johnson Haters out there, but there are plenty who think he’s a little too a) mild-mannered, b) squeaky clean, c) just plain nice or d) all of the above.

"Maybe that’s why he hasn’t really caught the fancy of the sports world," Gossage said.

In a less than perfect world, we grow tired of perfection.

What ever it is people need to take notice and realize they have the chance to watch history in the making. In sports and especially in racing dominance like this does not happen often. Not only has Johnson and the 48 won three in a row and are working on #4 they have been the most consistent team in the past 8 years never finishing outside of the top 5 with 3 titles and one in the works and 2 second place finishes.

Weather you like him or not consider them a dynasty or not you can not deny Jimmie and the 48 are the best in the Biz right now.

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