Joakim Noah Record Triple-Double

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A triple-double - when an NBA player records double figures in three different statistical categories in one game - is a very rare feat to accomplish. The traditional triple-double comes from points, rebounds and assists, however, when a big-man records a triple double, often it includes blocked shots in place of assists. 

Blog Photo - Joakim Noah Record Triple-Double The last player to record such was Andrew Bynum when he was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers last season.  Tonight, Chicago Bulls center, Joakim Noah went off - go figure against Andrew Bynum's current team (even though he isn't playing). 

Noah recorded 23 points, 21 rebounds - which, in and of itself, is a remarkable feat - and 11 blocked shots. The inclusion of his defensive effort makes this game move into one of the top performances in recent memory. 

Noah, when coming out of Florida, was viewed as a defensive center that would not contribute much to the offensive end.  However, the former National Champion has found a groove on the offensive end with his unorthodox shot and tremendous vision in the post and on the perimeter. 

The Chicago Bulls have held up quite nicely in the absence of Derrick Rose, only one game out of the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference. 

Noah is as much a part of the teams' success as any other player - and this triple-double confirms it. 
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