Joe Girardi helped out a woman in a car accident on the way home from winning the World Series

11/5/09 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

After managing the Yankees to their first World Series championship since 2000, Joe Girardi wasn't done yet. He may not have actually cured cancer or caused world peace, but he DID help out a woman after she was in a car accident. Police officer Kathleen Cristiano described the scene:

"The guy wins the World Series, what does he do? He stops to help. It was totally surreal. He came through with a smile. He was jumping up and down, trying to flag me down. You don't expect him standing by a car accident trying to help."

Good to see that he actually did something last night that not just anyone could have or would have done. Managing the Yankees to a World Series win? Not really all that impressive. Seriously... almost anyone could have done it this year. But stopping to help out a motorist at 2:30 am? That's pretty cool.
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