Josh McDaniels benches Brandon Marshall for Broncos game on Sunday

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Well, early this week we heard that Brandon Marshall had been scratched for Sunday's ultra-critical Broncos game because he had a pulled hamstring. While that's still true, the idea that he had been scratched because of the injury was incorrect. Head coach Josh McDaniels actually has benched Marshall.

Why? Let's let McDaniels explain:

"Our word for the week has been accountability. And we're looking to put the 45 guys on the field on Sunday that want to play together, want to help us try to win and qualify for the playoffs," McDaniels said. "... And anybody that showed any indifference to that, we'll play without them."

McDaniels insinuated on the podium in front of the media on Friday that Marshall was exaggerating the extent of his injury and was unaccountable to the team. Marshall responded from his locker by noting McDaniels never played in the NFL and hinting he might be getting called out by his coach because the Broncos' season is unraveling.

So after a year that started out 6-0, then devolved into a 2-7 slide, McDaniels is back to square one in terms of being in a bitter feud with his best player. Remember, there was a lot of rancor at the beginning of the year between Marshall and McDaniels because Marshall was angry about his contract and knocked down passes in training camp.

Will Marshall demand to be traded this offseason if the Broncos don't make the playoffs? Will he pout his way out of town? Will McDaniels continue to have a Napoleon complex? Will the Broncos even win four games next year if they don't have Marshall? Who knows? At least the McDaniels era has been entertaining so far, if nothing else.
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