Joshua Cribbs insulted by Cleveland Browns offer of $1.4 million per year to him

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Joshua Cribbs was literally the only reason to tune into the Browns this past season. He played wide receiver, quarterback and returned and covered kickoffs and punts. The former college QB also set the NFL career record for most kickoff returns for touchdowns. He's by far the Browns' most valuable player.

However, Cribbs wants a new contract because of his stellar play over the last two years. He currently has three years remaining on a six-year, $6.77 million deal.

So naturally, the Browns decided to up that less than $400,000 per year to $1.4 million per. As you can guess, Cribbs is insulted. And frankly, so am I. This guy is your best player, the only guy who puts butts in the seats, one of the worst paid players in the league, and you offer him a contract raise of $400,000? I thought Mike Holmgren's hiring was going to change things in Cleveland, but apparently the answer is no.

So Cribbs is now threatening to walk.

"They need to treat him fairly or he'll never play for the Browns again," said agent Peter Schaffer. "He will demand a trade and he will walk out of there and they won't see him for the off-season -- they won't see him ever again."

I know athletes are overpaid, etc., but in Cribbs' case, I understand precisely where he's coming from. He sees guys like Reggie Bush getting contracts worth $25 million in guaranteed money. Meanwhile, Cribbs has proven himself to be a versatile, productive and explosive player in his first three seasons and he's making squat for a guy of his talent. Plus since the average lifespan of NFL player is three years, Cribbs would like to make some money while he can.

I'm firmly behind Cribbs on this one. At least give him something respectable.
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