Journalist claims that the Miami Dolphins are one elite receiver away from winning the Super Bowl

11/11/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5232 respect

The Dolphins are 3-5 right now, and look like they might end up missing the playoffs, after winning the AFC East last year. One Miami Herald writer feels like they're actually only one player away from being able to win a Super Bowl.

"Give Miami one premier wideout -- just one -- capable of delivering quick-strike fireworks and turning games inside out. Find the next Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald or some reasonable facsimile and you know what you've got then, Miami? Another Super Bowl. I don't mean hosting one. I mean winning one."

I definitely agree that an elite WR like those guys would transform that team. But is Chad Henne quite good enough for that to matter?

Part of me is inclined to say yes... he is. After seeing the Dolphins lose a couple nail-biters thanks to drops by Ted Ginn, it seems like perhaps a top WR like Johnson, Fitzgerald or Moss would have given them at least a couple wins. But a Super Bowl winning team? I just don't think the Dolphins are quite there yet. But they're definitely moving in the right direction.
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