Juventus forced to play without fans due to racism

4/20/09 in Soccer   |   sportsgnork   |   44 respect

Juventus of the Serie A in Italy has been ordered to play without fans for one home gamed citing racist chants towards Inter Milan's Mario Balotelli.  Why?  Well Mario is of Ghanaian descent but was born in Palermo.  What was the chant?  "a black Italian does not exist"  Hmm... have the Italians seen their women?!  But seriously, this is ridiculous.  This player is a tremendous talent that could help you win another World Cup title.  Thierry Henry, a French national, who happens to be of color has also faced racism in Europe.  There really isn't much diversity in Europe, but seeing as these players help elevate teams to the top, I think fans should have some respect for their play.  Shame on you, Juve fans and Kudos to the Italian high court for punishing Juve.  I still believe that a stiffer penalty should have been imposed.
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