Kansas City Star was prepared for Zack Greinke's Cy Young snub

11/18/09 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Zack Greinke was the obvious winner this year in the AL Cy Young race, but since we've seen great players get snubbed in the past, it seemed almost inevitable that the Baseball Writers Association of America would somehow screw it up and give the award to someone like CC Sabathia. After all, we've seen small market players get shafted in the past in favor of undeserving but more well-known players. The Kansas City Star was prepared for such shenanigans as well. Much like many newspapers do, they wrote two stories... one of them was for Greinke winning the Cy Young, and the other was in anticipation of him getting snubbed. The problem is that they forgot to delete it before posting the story to their website.

Unintentional Foul grabbed a screenshot of the Star's error:

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