Keith Brooking says the Vikings were classless for running up the score

1/18/10 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

 After the Vikings beat the Cowboys 34-3, Dallas linebacker Keith Brooking was a little upset about it.

"I thought it was classless. I thought it was B.S. Granted, we get paid to stop them, but we had zero timeouts left. I didn't think there was any call for that."

What Keith fails to realize is that this is the NFL, and it's the playoffs. While a comeback seemed improbable, this is the time of year when you must win at all costs, and there's no such thing as "running up the score" when you're talking about two teams in the second round of the playoffs.

If the Cowboys were unable to stop the Vikings, then maybe they didn't belong there in the first place.
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