Kellen Winslow ready to play Sunday after signing with Philadelphia Eagles this week

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The Philadelphia Eagles could have potentially addressed injury issues at the secondary with recently signed tight end Kellen Winslow ready to play against the Baltimore Ravens Sunday night.
It is a remarkable considering that Kellen Winslow only signed with the Philadelphia Eagles on Tuesday this week and undertook just two practices to raise the hopes of coach Bill Belichick that his prayers had been answered. Philadelphia Eagles tight end Aaron Hernandez is out of Sunday’s game with ankle injury and Bill Belichick’ s sees Kellen Winslow starting at his spot against the Baltimore Ravens.
"He's a pretty experienced guy, he's smart, he's [played] a lot of football," said Bill Belichick. "We'll see how it goes, but I think there's a chance that he could help us."
But practically speaking, the five days hardly give any player enough time to acquaint themselves with the extensive Philadelphia Eagles playbook. Kellen Winslow too wasn’t shy on the issue when he was asked for his initial opinion of the playbook.
"It's ... a lot,” said Kellen Winslow, eye stretched wide with amazement.
However, Bill Belichick has already considered the situation accordingly and revealed that the Philadelphia Eagles have only been such content at Kellen Winslow which may be required of him under the special circumstances of Sunday’s game. Bill Belichick had declared Friday as a crucial day to determine how much of the playbook Kellen Winslow was able to retain.
"There may be things in the playbook that you need to go over and all that,” said Bill Belichick, “but they may not apply to this game, so how much time do you want to spend on those?"
The coach expressed that under such short-term notices, a player’s readiness is more dependent on his upcoming game related knowledge rather than the whole playbook.
"Even though they are important, fundamental and building blocks, but it's not something that's really going to be used in this particular game,” suggested Bill Belichick, “then it's maybe something you want to catch up on later on.”
"So we try to prioritize what the person needs as a foundation,” Bill Belichick emphasized on the requirement for different approaches according everyone’s needs, “and what the person needs to go out and be able to play in the game in the role that we would ask him to play in.”
Belichick stated that the playbook still isn’t abandoned after this stage, since as they advance in the season, the players adopt new tactics from the playbook according to the more recent games, rather than trying to absorb the whole book all at once.
But the rate at which each player adapts widely differs. Bill Belichick noted the case of Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Brian Waters who signed ahead of last season but didn’t start until 12th September this year.
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