Kings scout banned for betting on NBA games

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Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that former Kings scout Jack Mai was banned from the league for, among other things, betting on games involving the Kings.

From the article:
The league informed teams in a memo on Wednesday afternoon that an investigation revealed Mai bet on NBA games “limited to small amounts of money among acquaintances and there is no evidence that he ever attempted to use his position with the Kings to influence the outcome of any NBA game.”

Mai bet on the Kings games for years, “some for, and some against,” a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

When reached by phone on Wednesday afternoon, Mai said only, “I resigned,” and declined further comment.

The NBA told teams they can never employ, nor use Mai in a consultant’s capacity. League rules forbid employees from betting on any NBA games, especially those involving their own teams.

Mai was also reportedly involved in some shady dealings with Asian basketball leagues, and was using his position with the NBA to gain favors. He is now prohibited from working for any NBA team, in any capacity.
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