Leave it to a 7 year old to show us what is right with sports fans

1/26/12 in NFL   |   Scott   |   54816 respect

By now you all know about Kyle Williams.  After fumbling two punts in the NFC championship that led to the New York Giants beating the San Francisco 49ers, Williams was roasted on social outlets like Facebook and Twitter by fans who are old enough to know better.  

Then, along came a 7 year old boy named Owen Shure.

Shure is a die-hard 49ers fan and after his team lost, he was devastated and in tears.  In an attempt to get his son to stop crying, Michael Shure, asked Owen how he thinks Kyle Williams feels?

Shure's response.

A handwritten letter to Mr. Williams saying how proud he was of him and congratulating him for a great season.

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